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Our Story

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Kieuthy (pronounced "Q-T") and I have three Shih Tzu babies, all of which I've adopted. At the time I am writing this, November 2020, they are 13 years young! Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my fur babies. Since they were puppies, I loved to dress them up. Whenever we went out for long walks at the park or strolling at the beach, they would always stand out because they were STYLED by their momma. :) I wanted to take this BIG love for dogs and their outfits and make it a part of my life. In addition, I want to make a big difference for many homeless pets in animal shelters. How can I accomplish this while providing awesome value to other people and their pets?

Our Purpose

As a pet owner, I always want to provide the best care for my dogs, and I know you do too! QTPet's purpose is to deliver your “kiddos” the best quality of clothing. Pet designer wear that can keep them clean, warm and comfortable, yet still allow them to be able to move freely and stay active as much as possible. Dressing your pet up also provides a fresh, new look! My dog gets so much attention every time I take them out (they love attention). The outfits I pick out for my dogs gives each of them a personality of their own. QTPet wants to dress up all the nude pets out there!


Our Mission

Our mission is to help homeless pets find a loving home. My husband and I have always wondered how we can help homeless and stray dogs, who ended up in shelters, to feel love once again. Doing business as QTPet gives us the opportunity to make this mission possible. The cost of adoption is anywhere from $50 to $150, depending on location. Given this cost, more people are turned off because they have to pay to adopt a pet. To help solve this problem, QTPet donates a portion of all sales made to animal shelters to assist/waive the adoption fee, which would encourage more people to adopt pets. This will speed up the progress of sheltered animals finding their forever homes! Although our contributions might be small at the moment, with all the support of animal lovers at QTPet Apparel, we hope to make larger contributions to help improve the lives of pets AND pet lovers all over the country! Everyone deserves a chance to live a better life - so do our fur “angels!"


Why QTPet Apparel? 

So, why online, you may ask? Over the last few months, a lot of us have had to stay quarantined at home, due to COVID-19. I personally had to quarantine alone several times because of the nature of my work. There were days when I missed my dogs, but couldn’t go home to see them. Looking at their photos on my Instagram was one of the solutions. During this time, I realized the power of being able to order goodies for my dogs from the comfort of my own home! QTPet will make your ordering experience enjoyable and full of surprises; returns and exchanges are fast and easy. Make sure to sign up to our newsletter for exclusive discount promotion deals and follow us on social media to see all the cute pets wearing our products!